Mrs Bear’s Ladies Clothes Swap Shop

    Mrs Bear’s clothes swapshop is themed on a World War II "make do and mend” ethos. Now popularly known as swishing, the idea is you can exchange your unwanted clothing, shoes/accessories with someone else’s at one of our fab pop-up shops. All items are graded for fair swapping; simply hand in up to 7 good condition pieces and you will receive your clothing coupon book, then you’re ready to raid the rails!

    Come join our feel good fashion movement and swish your way to a whole new wardrobe at little cost to you and the environment!

    The clothes swapping events are held at various locations in London and Manchester. Please check our events page for up-to-date information or sign up to our newsletter.



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    Step 1) Go through your wardrobe and dig out good condition ladieswear, shoes, hats, bags, belts and scarves. (We do not take jewellery, lingerie, swimwear or glasses)

    Step 2) Bring along up to 7 swaps to a Mrs Bear’s event where they will be colour-graded for fair swishes:

    RED = High St. Labels ( H&M, Topshop, Zara etc.)

    BLUE = Higher-end High St (Whistles, Reiss etc.), High-end vintage, High-end designer (Max Mara, Chloe etc.)

    You will receive your own clothing ration book with your colour-stamped coupons for swishing

    Step 3) If you don’t manage to use up all your coupons you can keep your ration book for next time or even take home your unwanted swaps (provided they haven’t been snapped up already) - you choose!

    Please check your swaps before you bring them along and remember if they are too well worn/washed for you to wear, they will be for somebody else!

    What we do not accept at Swap Shop:

    • - Plain jersey vests and t-shirts
    • - Stained/moth-holed garments
    • - Well-worn heels on shoes and boots
    • - Fraying/marked hems on trousers/jeans
    • - Bobbling knitwear and t-shirts
    • - Garments that have shrunk in the wash
    • - Lingerie/swimwear
    • - Garments with broken zips
    recycle your buttons! Thrifty Tip
    Header image Thrifty Tip

    Do you have a button box with loads of spare buttons in? Well get yourself some cheapie silver chains and start making your own jewellery! Here’s a cute bling bling one I made! The possibilities are endless,! check out Etsy’s website for inspiration:


    All the items on these pages are some of the garments from the red rails ready to be snapped up at next swapshop!

    (Reds are actually the lowest grade, just look what you’re missing out on!)

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